About Us

Many members wonder why is it important to participate in the NYSAFP-PAC?
Numerous organizations and associations including nurses, physicians, businesses and labor unions have political action committees, which enable them to strengthen their voice in the political arena. A PAC creates access to policy makers who can make or break the political goals of an organization.

Why should you join the NYSAFP-PAC?
We operate under a simple premise—the more NYSAFP-PAC members we have, the stronger the Academy’s voice will be in the political arena.

What does NYSAFP-PAC do?
PAC contributions allow the Academy to contribute legally to political campaigns and to support candidates for public office;

NYSAFP-PAC contributes to candidates who work toward the Academy’s goals;

PAC contributions enable NYSAFP to support influential legislators while at the same time making the Academy’s political goals known;

A strong PAC earns NYSAFP respect in Albany by demonstrating a strong grassroots network, effective leadership, and a committed membership - in short, people who can positively influence public policy;

A strong PAC means a stronger Association with all members being politically active.