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The reality of a PAC’s effectiveness is proven in the current political system.
All candidates need to raise a substantial amount of money to run for state office and to get re-elected. This creates an opportunity for organizations to contribute to candidates and in doing so gain access to make their voices and political goals heard.

NYSAFP Political Action - Support Your Academy's Public Policy Efforts!

Your Academy works hard on your behalf to address the many important issues that affect you, your profession and your patients. This year, we experienced unprecedented success in the public policy arena and want you to know that we intend to continue our efforts to promote and protect your interests. Our achievements on your behalf this year include:

  • Comprehensive HIV Testing
  • Family Health Care Decisions Act
  • Naturopath Physician Licensure Bill Defeated
  • No Fault Coverage of Emergency Services
  • Advancement of Physician Collective Bargaining
  • Regressive Liability Measures Defeated
  • Primary Care Funding Maintained
  • Prior Approval of Insurance Rate Increases
  • Continued AHEC Funding

We need your active support to continue these advocacy efforts. NYSAFP PAC is the only political organization in New York whose sole mission is to promote family medicine. Your support will ensure that we have a strong voice in Albany.

NYSAFP PAC supports candidates at the state level who support family medicine. NYSAFP PAC enhances our advocacy efforts and deserves your support.

Every contribution counts. Health care reform is at the forefront of political debate across the nation. The NYSAFP-PAC is fighting a number of critical legislative battles, and your support is crucial to maintaining a visible presence in Albany.

To contribute*, please fill out the contribution form (doc) and drop the envelope in the mail.   You may also contribute online by clicking the "Donate" button below.



We must get our message to the people who can effect real change. Your help is essential. Thank you for your support.

*Contributions to NYSAFP PAC are not tax-deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.